Easy Travel

Easy Travel

Check in your baggage in a breeze, right at your hotel

  • Sunclass Airlines has their own tagomat's located at Help Desk to print your baggage tags for your homeward journey. Do your online check-in 24 hours before homeward journey and then follow the instructions at the machine.
  • This Easy Travel service is available for our guests travelling with Sunclass Airlines.
  • One person per reservation can deliver the baggage to SunClass airlines staff at the hotel
    on departure day. Bring all travelers passport and see the drop-off schedule underneath. Please note schedule time for baggage drop-off underneath.
  • Push chairs and prams can be delivered directly to the airport gate if you prefer. Do remember to print and activate a baggage tag for these items as well.

For some flights you are not able to drop your bagage at the hotel. But you can print your bagage tags at the hotel, and just leave your bagage at the designated check in counter at the airport. See flights here.

If you travel with one of the flights below you can deliver your bags to SunClass airlines staff at the hotel on departure day at following time:

Schedule for Baggage Drop (Easy Travel)


08:15 - 09:25